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Another Leaf Has Fallen From Our Family Tree

Here's To "Harry"

Our First Family Historian

Dad 1999_edited.jpg

 Branches are forever changing,  just as the seasons alter the trees in nature.

When someone dies, a leaf falls from our tree.

At that time it feels like Winter has come and the branches are barren and cold.

But then the foliage thickens as the family gathers closer at the Holidays.

Love creates blossoms, and when a child is born another leaf opens to the sunlight that warms all the boughs and the people that are in them.


I record the fallen leaves just as you did,

in the best way that I can.

They may be seen forever and their names will not be forgotten.


Another leaf has fallen from our Family Tree.

You will never be forgotten.

You are carved into the bark of our tree

Not just a name and the date of a headstone

But you.

Your descendants know about your life, loves, sayings, and stubbornness.

They know your eyes and your smile.


All the leaves on our tree

will recognize you in that instant,

when their own Autumn comes.






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