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Ancestral Writing Services

Creative Biographies- Writing For Life

If you are seeking a way to show your ancestor as a real person then a version that is a little more human may fit the bill. In my Creative Biographies, a mix the facts with fiction and take the reader into the life of this ancestor. The facts are sprinkled throughout so that it is not a complete distortion, but a version of how it could have been. 

You may choose the genre of the fiction yourself or leave it open to me to find an underlying mystery, romance, thriller or a personal victory over adversity.

The final result is like reading a chapter (Sometimes several) from a book that other members of your family, may find more palatable if they don't share your ability to put basic facts into their memory. 

Stories have been told in families for thousands of years to preserve traditions and remember facts. They are also told to honor people that have gone before who have overcome obstacles in their lives. The family connections mean that the story has a link to individuals and tends to create empathy.


Factual Biographies

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You can opt for a Factual Biography of course which is also a more readable version of the basic profile, similar to a magazine article.


This includes images that are relevant to location or time period giving the reader an idea of where and when the events occurred along with the facts. Sources are cited and listed at the bottom of the document.

This is an additional service that you can add to any of the Research packages offered by Another Leaf Genealogy. 


If you already have the facts and source information about your ancestor, we can add research about the historical location then incorporate it. This becomes a readable piece with any available images.


A basic profile for a family member consists of the basic facts known about them. It may be as little as their name, their date of birth or baptism and their date of death.


We include a similar type of profile for each family member in the search reports as standard unless my client requests a biography of one or more individuals.

My Tree Search Packages range in price so that you can have access to other information like marriages, residences, occupations, in addition to children and possibly siblings as seen in the image example to the right.

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