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About Another Leaf

From Our Family To Yours


This is L.H.Booth if he features in your family tree we could be related.

As we have many branches in our tree we also have many names appearing in there too.

If your ancestors come from Suffolk, England and have the last names of RANSON & OSBORN

If they are from London, England and have RANSON & MITCHELL for last names


We'd like to hear from you


Our Tree

We regularly take turns in updating information on our own tree as the search never ends. What begins with one or two relations can become a tree of over a thousand, each fact needing to be checked and cross referenced. We understand the time it takes and how it's hard to find those hours when you're busy with work, the kids, the house.


We have several branches in our tree that reach back into the 1500's, 1600's and 1700's England. Other branches have led us to far off places like India, Australia and America.


Some individuals on our tree were lost in World Wars, helped to found Colonies and some died in the same village where they were born, seemingly never having set foot outside its boundaries.

We've uncovered family secrets and scandals, forgotten children and hidden husbands as well as some bizarre naming habits and family traditions.


We've discovered living relations too and share our trees, photos, stories, and happy memories that remind us that the names on our reports are real people. We have so many cousins across the world that we are working on our own Cousin Calculator which we hope to share with others soon. 

In the future we hope to host both RANSON and MITCHELL family reunions in the UK and bring as many of the family together as we can.


Are you in?

Our Family

All four of us were born in the UK and have an avid love of history, as well as an eye for detail and outside the box thinking.

We have a mother and daughter team in the US, and a husband and wife team in the UK.  Members of several Genealogical Societies both sides of the Atlantic and over 50 years combined experience in family searches.

We know that it's important to know where you come from and to gain a sense of belonging. Our first family tree was started back in 1985 when records were not online and the process was long and at times frustrating. 

This meant that we sought ways of organizing and scrutinizing evidence or sources, before any online programs were available. The period of transition from manual records to computer was also a challenge that we rose to and overcame. We didn't want to lose our previous work, so we found ways to transcribe, upload and record everything that we had.


Now we provide this service to you through Another Leaf Genealogy.

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