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From Paper to Computer

Turning Over Another Leaf

Compilation of Manual Records

Manual Records


Manual Records refers to handwritten or typed data that has been collected during your family tree search. 

If you, like many others including myself, began tracing your ancestry before records were available online you may have a vast amount of information that cannot be viewed fully by members of your family.


Reasons for having your manual records reviewed, sorted, scanned and put into a genealogical software program are many.


Here are the top reasons:

  • Preserve the information for future generations

  • Share information in part or in full with others

  • Access Reports on Family Groups or Branches

  • Have pedigree reports that are easy for children and Seniors to understand

  • Order large banner style trees for your wall or family reunion

  • Sorts the relevant manual records into manageable sections

  • Places dubious or unsubstantiated information into one place for review 

  • Enables a transition to online researching 




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Service Cost

Each set of Manual Records differs and the length of time required to finalize is varied depending on many factors.

The total project cost can be estimated once the records and information are seen. If the project is not accepted the records are returned in the same order and condition as they were received. The only cost due would be delivery or postage if there are any. For records that are dropped off and collected by the prospective client, there is no charge for the estimate.

If the project and estimate are accepted a down payment is required before starting work. A second payment is due at 50% complete and then another at 90% complete. When final the estimate is compared to time worked and the difference adjusted in the final installment due. Other flexible payment terms may be available.

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