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Where Does it Begin?

Your Family

If you have listened to your relations talking about where in the world you're from originally you may think you have the answers already.  You could be right, but experience has led us to a different conclusion. Often the information we are given from our parents and grandparents come from family rumor or misinterpretation.

The most common one we hear is "Our family came over on the Mayflower". Yet this was just a saying that was bantered around to suggest that they had more rights than most American families. 


Fact is that only half of the 102 passengers on the Mayflower that arrived in Cape Cod could have left descendants. It does narrow it down considerably for the 2020 US population of 330,504,704.  Only 10.5% of you are truly Mayflower descendants. 


Would you like to know if you're one of them and have the chance to join the exclusive Mayflower Society? 



The Mayflower arrived in Cape Cod from Plymouth England on 9th November, 1620. So this year is an even more special time to join as the 400 year anniversary of the landing approaches. Our free guide can help get you on the right track.

Are you one of those busy but inquisitive people that recognize the value of knowing their ancestry? 

Contact us to chat about working together on a planned search project. We work independently, with no sales team and no pressure.

Your Tree

The most important thing about family tree research is to start.  Getting started is not a huge project, and it really shouldn't be as this is potentially a long term one if you wish to trace all the branches of ancestors and descendants. It's good to start with the right habits and organization skills if you can and brush up on them whenever you can to improve your chances of developing a credible and interesting record for the future.

You can set yourself goals of course, choosing which branches to investigate for how many generations and then reassess your search when that goal has been reached. Stop there if you wish. If you've researched properly it will be easy to pick up again in the future.


The time it takes to reach your goal depends on the information you already have and where you are focusing your search in terms of location and record collection. Some records are not available online at all and some are incomplete.

Professional Genealogists often have access to more records and a network of researchers or experts across the globe.  Experts have a specialized area in which they have substantial knowledge and experience. They don't just understand how records differ or where they are held, they also know much about the social and economic history of a region.  This can help to narrow down a search more quickly or gain access to records not normally available to the public.

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